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Remove your houseplant from its packaging immediately and place in a bright window out of direct sunlight. After several days, sun-loving plants may be placed in direct sunlight.

Don't be surprised if some houseplants lose their leaves due to shipping stress - they are not dying. If new leaves have not sprouted in four weeks, or if the stem turns brown throughout, your plant is in need of replacement.

Keep your plant in its original pot until it has had time to recover from shipping stress and produce two new leaves. Watch watering needs closely while your plant is in a small pot. When repotting, place into a 4 inch pot and water thoroughly. Avoid moving your plant into a very large pot until it is ready, or root rot will likely result from overwatering.

Houseplants Chart

African Violet indirect well-drained keep moist
Angel Trumpet direct well-drained keep moist
Banana, Dwarf direct rich/well-drained keep moist
Bird of Paradise direct rich/well-drained mist, allow to dry between watering
Bougainvillea direct potting soil let soil dry between watering
Carniverous Kit indirect peat moss mist, keep moist
Clivia indirect well-drained let soil dry between watering
Eucalpytus direct well-drained let soil dry between watering
Fig - Indoor direct rich/well-drained keep moist
Citrus direct sandy/well-drained let soil dry between watering
Gardenia direct acidic mist, keep moist
Jasmine indirect potting soil keep moist
Passion Flower direct potting soil keep moist
Guava direct well-drained keep moist
Pomegranate direct potting soil keep moist
Powderpuff direct well-drained keep moist
Date Palm direct/indirect potting soil keep moist
Sweet Leaf direct potting soil let soil dry between watering

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