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How to Train Wow Fruit Now Tickled Pink Grape Video

Felix, Gurney's horticulture expert demonstrates how to train a Wow Fruit Now! Tickle Pink™ Grape. Learn how to properly tie and support the vines and create a framework for good fruit produc


All right, I want to cover with this Wow Fruit Now! Tickle Pink Grape how we want to train these vines. You can see they send out this extension growth and it's quite long now and it was draping over our support wire and I'm comparing these two shoots here and they're both fairly nice, but this one's just a little bit ahead of its neighbor here. So I'm going to take the more vigorous shoot, and I've got some tie material here, this is just some stretchy tie you can get at your garden center and I'm going to use that to tie this up, the nice thing about it, this doesn't a bridge your vine and it expands and stretches with it as it matures and increases its caliper. So it's just a matter of tying that up to some support mechanism and you can trellis grapes a lot of different ways, but that's all there's to it. Just tie it along, and you can also tie up here at top of the shoot or you can let this grow a little further to our top wire and tie it off there after you pinch it. One final point is that the shoots that you don't want to be part of your central leader here, you could just pinch out the growth kids in it. Camera can zoom in on that, I'll show you what I mean, here's our shoot tip and you just take your fingernail and pinch that off and that's going to force energy into that shoot here that we want drawing upwards and it'll kind of stunt this shoot, it won't hurt it, it'll, just tell the grape plant that you want the energy to go into this main shoot and you'll do that all along here, at all of your shoot points, all along this plant, you'll pinch out those growth tips. It's quick and easy to do because it's soft tissue and it helps tell your plan that you want growth, growing upward. Very important point in establishing a grape quickly. So we'll look her up a little later when we'll cover when this fruit ripens, this wonderful tickle pink fruit will ripen here just in a couple of months and we'll show that to you.

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