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2-in-1 Asian Pear Tree

Now Grow Pears Two at a Time!
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2-in-1 Asian Pear Tree

That's right! You can grow two completely different varieties on one tree! Chojuro, a delightful, butterscotch-flavored type hangs alongside Drippin' Honey™, a crisp, sweet variety.Harvest time is extended due to the differing maturity dates. Chojuro is ready in September while Drippin' Honey waits'til October. Self-pollinating. Zones 5-8.
Product Details
  • FormDeciduous, upright, and semi-spreading at maturity.
  • LightFull Sun
  • HeightStandard: 16 - 20 feet
  • SpreadStandard: 20 feet
  • SpacingStandard: 16 feet -- Reachables: 10 - 12 feet
  • Zones5 - 8 (-10F)
  • FoliageShiny green foliage.
  • Flower FormWhite blossoms.
  • ColorChojuro Fruit is orange-brown russet when fully mature. Drippin Honey - golden russet.
  • BloomsEarly-mid season
  • FruitLarge, 3-inch, super sweet, crisp and very juicy.
  • Soil RequirementsWell-drained average fertile soil.
  • PruningAnnual pruning is required.
  • PollinatorSelf-pollinating
  • CommentsChojuro has a crisp texture and rich butterscotch flavor. Drippin Honey is delightfully crisp and honey sweet. Fruit has long storage; 6 months in common refrigeration. Tree has excellent resistance to disease and many insects. Extend your harvest season and get 2 tasty pears on 1 tree!
  • YieldStandard: Excellent yields.
  • Botanical NamePyrus communis '2-in-1'
  • DepthLocate the planting depth indicator, the marked line above the tree's root system.
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