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Aji Rico Hybrid Hot PepperPlant

Be the First to Have Ripe Hot Peppers
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Aji Rico Hybrid Hot Pepper

Can't wait for hot pepper season? You'll want to try Aji Rico Hybrid Pepper. This hot pepper matures earlier than most, making it a good choice for those with shorter growing seasons and those who want a hot pepper earlier in the summer. This 2017 All-America Selections winner produces high yields of 3-4 in. fruits that are excellent for eating fresh, making into salsas and drying for paprika flavoring. Aji Rico was a staff favorite for complex and remarkably delicious hot sauce. Crispy, thin-walled peppers mature from green to red and have a refreshing citrus flavor with a warm heat. Extraordinarily productive. For best results, start pepper seeds indoors and transplant the pepper seedlings outside after the danger of frost has passed. 50-55 DAYS.
Product Details
  • FormUpright, mounded
  • LightFull Sun
  • Height30 - 36 inches
  • Spread36 - 48 inches
  • Spacing24 - 36 inches
  • Zones3 - 9 (Annual)
  • FoliageGreen, hairy leaves.
  • Flower FormSmall white flowers.
  • FruitNarrow, conical fruit, 3-4 inches long. Ripens from green to red. Has a refreshing citrus flavor with warm heat. Heat increases later in the season.
  • Soil RequirementsWell-drained, light, moderately fertile soil, high in organic matter.
  • Growth RateModerate growth rate.
  • Seed Count10 seeds per packet.
  • PruningNone needed.
  • CommentsThis 2017 All-America Selections winner matures early, with higher yields on a vigorous plant! It is best to grow this large plant in the ground and with support. Narrow, conical fruit, 3-4 inches long, can be enjoyed green or red, and is perfect fresh or cooked. Crispy, thin-walled peppers provide great texture and a unique, refreshing citrus flavor with pleasantly warm heat. A wonderful item for a fresh market to provide this special hot pepper earlier in the season, before others are ready. Well-known in South American cuisine.
  • YieldProduces high yields.
  • Botanical NameCapsicum annuum 'Aji Rico'
  • DepthPlant seeds 1/4 inch deep. Start seeds indoors 6 - 8 weeks before the last frost date. The plants should be planted at the same depth as in the pots.
  • Days To Maturity50-55 days to green. 70-75 days to red.

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