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Big Max Pumpkin

Biggest All-Purpose Pumpkin
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Big Max Pumpkin

Handsome pumpkins, up to 100 lbs. or more, make excellent pies and impressive jack-o'-lanterns. Fine-grained, bright orange flesh is great for canning or freezing. 110 DAYS.
Product Details
  • FormVine, annual.
  • LightFull sun.
  • Height24 inches.
  • SpreadVine
  • Spacing4 - 5 seeds to a hill, hills 6 feet apart.
  • Zones3 - 9.
  • FoliageGreen foliage.
  • Flower FormYellow blossoms.
  • BloomsSummer.
  • FruitRed-orange skin and thick, bright orange flesh.
  • Germination6 - 10 days.
  • Soil RequirementsRich, well-drained and fertilized soil.
  • Growth RateMedium growth rate.
  • Seed CountApproximately 25 seeds per packet.
  • PruningLightly cultivate or mulch to reduce weeds.
  • CommentsPlanting: Sow seed when the weather is warm and all danger of frost is past. Pumpkins prefer rich, well-fertilized soil. Plant seeds 1 inch deep, 4 - 5 to a hill, spacing hills 6 feet apart. Germination should take place in 6 - 10 days. Care: Cultivate or mulch to reduce weeds. Water well during dry weather. After seedlings grow 2 inches tall, thin to 2 plants per hill. Harvest: Harvest fruits when the skin has turned completely orange. Cut from the vine, leaving a 2 - 3 inch stem attached to the fruit. Store in a warm, dry spot. This variety produces squash-type pumpkins that grow to 100 pounds, with red-orange skin and thick, bright orange flesh.
  • Botanical NameCucurbita pepo 'Big Max'
  • SizeSquash-type pumpkins that grow up to 100 pounds or more.
  • Depth1 inch.
  • Days To Maturity110 days.

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