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Candy Hybrid Onion

Performs Well in Most of the Country
  • Large, white, mild-flavored bulbs
  • Excellent eaten raw or cooked
  • Day-neutral variety
  • Well-adapted to many areas of the country
  • Reliable customer favorite
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Candy Hybrid Onion

A reliable customer favorite, Candy Hybrid Onion combines the best qualities of short-day and long-day onions. A day-neutral variety, it bears large, white bulbs with a mild flavor. They're great eaten raw, on sandwiches, lightly cooked in salsas and stir-fries, and cooked into meat dishes, casseroles and other recipes. It's also a fairly good storage variety. Onions' growth is affected by the amount of light received. Day-neutral onions, like Candy Hybrid, begin forming bulbs when daylight lasts 12-14 hours, making them well adapted throughout many areas of the United States, except the far North and deep South. Onions grow best when planted in full sun and well-drained, fertile soil. 85 DAYS.
Product Details
  • FormUpright, annual, onion
  • LightFull sun.
  • Height12 - 18 inches.
  • Spread6 inches.
  • Spacing4 - 6 inches.
  • Zones3 - 9 annual.
  • FoliageGreen strap-like foliage.
  • FruitThin neck, mostly single centers, white color. Jumbo
  • Germination10 - 14 days.
  • Soil RequirementsWell-drained fertile soil.
  • Growth RateModerate growth rate.
  • Seed CountApproximately 150 seeds per packet.
  • PruningNone needed.
  • CommentsVersatile and great for storage, this disease resistant onion grows well in both northern and southern climates. A strong root system allows Candy Hybrid to grow jumbo-colossal size bulbs that are well-formed and deliciously sweet.
  • Yield100 lbs per 100 foot row.
  • Botanical NameAllium cepa x hybrida 'Candy'; Family: Liliaceae (Lily Family)
  • Depth1/4 - 1/2 inch.
  • Days To Maturity85 days from seed.

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