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Northblue Dwarf Blueberry

Big Yields with Dwarf Form
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Northblue Dwarf Blueberry

Looking for a smaller bush with bigger berries? Dwarf Northblue is the blueberry for you! Slightly larger than Tophat and Northsky, growing to 2-3 ft. tall, it will produce 3-7 lbs. of sweet, juicy fruit per mature bush. Dusky blue fruit has a delicious wild flavor, but is larger in size than most dwarf blueberries. Tough and cold hardy, withstanding temps of -35°F. Ripens mid June. Zones 3-7.
Product Details
  • FormUpright, rounded.
  • LightFull Sun
  • Height2 - 3 feet
  • Spread2 - 3 feet
  • Spacing2 - 3 feet
  • Zones3 - 7 (- 30 F.)
  • FoliageLarge, glossy, dark green leaves. Turn crimson in Fall.
  • ColorWhite flowers.
  • BloomsMay
  • FruitFruit is dark blue, large and attractive with a good blueberry flavor and a pleasing sugar to acid ratio.
  • Soil RequirementsAcidic, moist, organic, well-drained soil. pH should be 4.5 to 5.5
  • Growth RateMedium growth rate.
  • PruningPrune out leggy small twigs for bigger, better berries. Protect berries from birds with netting.
  • PollinatorSelf pollinating, better yields when planted with other varieties.
  • CommentsVary hardy cultivar. Takes temperatures as low as -35 degrees F. Half - high or dwarf blueberry. Cross between V. corymbosum and V. aurgustifolium. Sweet wild blueberry flavor that is superior to most cultivars. Stores well with refrigeration., Self-pollinating but yields better when planted with another variety.
  • YieldApproximately 3 - 7 pounds at maturity with proper care.
  • Botanical NameVaccinium v. corymbosum x v angustifolium ' Northblue'; Family; Ericaceae
  • Size1/4-inch blossoms.
  • DepthPlant at the same depth as in the nursery.

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