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Flamethrower Mix Hybrid Hot Pepper

The Best Mix of Colored Habaneros
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Flamethrower Mix Hybrid Hot Pepper

Hot peppers are all the rage in gardening these days—and the Flamethrower Hybrid Hot Pepper Mix is sure to be a favorite. As if unsurpassed garden performance and yield where not enough, the Flamethrowers wowed us with their stunning mix of red, orange, brown and white habanero fruit. These peppers add heat and flavor to hot sauces, powders and rubs, featuring excellent, fruity flavor with a peppery heat that increases after eating. Flamethrower Hot Pepper Mix was the best hot pepper mix winner in our pepper trials. Habaneros are hotter than jalapenos and serrano peppers. Growing 24-36 in. tall, the plants produce high yields of peppers and can be grown in a container. For best results, start Flamethrower Hybrid Hot Pepper seeds indoors and transplant the pepper seedlings in the garden after the danger of frost has passed. 90-100 DAYS.
Product Details
  • FormUpright, mounded. Plant is compact for a habanero, with very open and spreading habit.
  • LightFull Sun
  • Height24-36 inches
  • Spread18 - 24 inches
  • Spacing12 - 24 inches apart
  • Zones3 - 9 (Annual)
  • FoliageGreen, typical pepper foliage.
  • Flower FormSmall white flowers.
  • FruitTypical habanero shape, slightly elongated, with thin, wrinkled skin. Slight scotch bonnet shape. Fruit generally 1 1/2 - 3 inches long. Fruity flavor with peppery heat that increases after eating. Mix of red, orange, brown, and white.
  • Soil RequirementsWell-drained, light, moderately fertile soil, high in organic matter.
  • Growth RateAverage growth rate.
  • Seed Count10 seeds per packet.
  • PruningNone needed.
  • CommentsFeel the flames rise as the heat warms you! This stunning mix of red, orange, brown, and white habanero peppers adds both a visual and flavorful kick to some of your favorite recipes! Peppers have a fruity flavor with peppery heat that increases after eating. The plant is compact for a habanero, great for container gardening.
  • YieldProduces great yields.
  • Botanical NameCapsicum annuum 'Flamethrower Mix'
  • DepthPlant seeds 1/4 inch deep. Start seeds indoors 6 - 8 weeks before the last frost date. The plants should be planted at the same depth as in the pots.
  • Days To Maturity90-100 days

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