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French Breakfast Radish

French Heirloom with Mild, Spicy Flavor
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French Breakfast Radish

Easy-to-grow radish is a garden favorite. The slim, 3-in. rose-scarlet roots are tipped in white and really crunchy with a cool, mild flavor. Great for salads and snacking—and the oblong shape makes them perfect for dipping. Green tops make a spicy addition to salads and stir-fry. A quick-growing, cool weather crop, French Breakfast Radish is a great addition to spring and fall gardens. Can be grown in containers. 25 DAYS.
Product Details
  • FormAnnual. Radish
  • LightFull sun.
  • Height5 - 6 inches.
  • Spread4 - 5 inches.
  • Spacing2 - 3 inches between plants, 12 - 24 inches between rows.
  • Zones3 - 10.
  • FoliageGreen foliage.
  • FruitRose-scarlet with white tips. Oblong, blunted shape. Crisp, mild white flesh.
  • Germination4 - 6 days.
  • Soil RequirementsLoose, fertile, sandy, well-drained soil. pH 5.5 - 6.8.
  • Growth RateFast growth rate.
  • Seed CountApproximately 500 seeds per packet, 1 oz. is approximately 2,400 seeds and 1/4 lb. is approximately 7,500 seeds. The seed tape is 15 feet long and has approximately 205 seeds.
  • PruningNone needed.
  • CommentsA French heirloom with mild spicy flavor, these radishes are the handiest of snacks- delicious on their own, but the perfect size for dipping. Enjoy a French "tartine" by slicing lengthwise, spreading with butter and salt and placing atop a baguette! Make planting French Breakfast a cinch with seed tape! Seeds are encased in biodegradable paper that protects the seeds during germination and dissolves in the course of watering. Simply cut the tape to the desired length, place in the garden or in one of our Grow Tub™ containers and water-no worries about over- or under-seeding!
  • Yield100 bunches per 100 foot row.
  • Botanical NameRaphanus sativus 'French Breakfast'; Family - Brassicaceae
  • Size3 inches long X .75 - 1 inches diameter.
  • Depth1/4 - 1/2 inch.
  • Days To Maturity25 days.

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