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Ogden Point & Male Kiwi

Beautiful, Variegated Foliage & Tasty Fruit
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  • Potted - Ogden Point (Female)
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  • Potted - Male Kiwi
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Ogden Point & Male Kiwi

Delicious for snacking, these grapelike kiwis have a smooth, green skin and a tropical flavor that's both tart and sweet! Vines spread 6-10 ft. and reach 15-20 ft. when fully mature. Males offer a striking ornamental foliage—both male and females are needed for fruit production. Just one male plant can pollinate up to five females. Zones 4-8.
Product Details
  • FormDeciduous, woody vine.
  • LightFull sun to part shade.
  • Height15 - 20 feet
  • Spread6 - 10 feet
  • Spacing8 - 10 feet
  • Zones4 - 8
  • FoliageHeart-shaped (to 5 inches long), green foliage variegated with white and or pink. Male plants have better leaf variegation than the female plants.
  • Flower FormSlightly fragrant, greenish-white flowers.
  • BloomsApril
  • FruitSmall grape-like in size & shape, smooth green skin. Whole fruit is edible. Sweet tart and tropical in flavor, delicious for snacking!
  • Soil RequirementsGrow in average, medium moisture, well-drained soil.
  • Growth RateModerate to fast growth rate.
  • PollinatorPlant one male for every five females, If growing only for ornamental foliage, consider planting only male plants.
  • CommentsWith a flavor similar too, but slightly sweeter than, tropical kiwi, this hardy kiwi is a must have in every gardeners back yard. The hearty, healthy vine makes an excellent screen and foliage on male plants is quite striking in coloration.
  • YieldHeavy yield with proper pollination.
  • Botanical NameActinidia arguta female
  • DepthSame depth as nursery pot.

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