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RazzMatazz® Seedless Grape

World's First Continually Fruiting Grape
  • Produces loads of seedless grapes from midsummer to frost
  • Gorgeous, iridescent dark red to purple grapes with sweet, fruity flavor
  • Resists disease and can be grown without sprays
  • So unique, it's patented as a whole new grape cultivar
  • Available only through Gurney's and select partners
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RazzMatazz® Seedless Grape

After more than 20 years of research and testing, we're proud to bring you this break-through in the world of grapes! Combining the sweet flavor and tender-crisp texture of table grapes with the disease resistance and native hardiness of muscadines, RazzMatazz is the first seedless grape to provide gardeners with true fruiting success without spraying. The first ever continuous fruiting grape, RazzMatazz will set blooms and fruit all summer, so you get to enjoy the rich sweet flavor of these gorgeous deep burgundy grapes midsummer to first frost. Self pollinating. Zones 7-9. US PATENT 9,045,767.

Planting Tip: Each vine requires about 15 ft. of growing space on a wire trellis or fence with at least 8 hours of sunlight.

Use of this cultivar for breeding is prohibited. Plant propagation is prohibited.

Product Details
  • FormVining
  • LightFull sun
  • Spread8 - 12 feet.
  • Spacing8 - 12 feet
  • Zones7 - 9 (0 F. Winter temperature threshold).
  • FoliageGreen foliage.
  • FruitHas a floral aroma and sweet flavor. Mature fruit is a deep dark red. Grapes are about the size of a nickel. Boasts a rich, sweet flavor with a touch of effervescence and popping crisp texture. Brix rating 16-17.
  • Soil RequirementsWell-drained, slightly acidic, sandy loam soil.
  • Growth RateMedium to fast growth rate.
  • PruningWe recommend spur pruning for this variety. The "trunk" or leader on the Razzmatazz plant is grown so that you can enjoy some fruit the first year. You can train the new shoot growth to accommodate whatever trellis you have to grow it on. If you have a standard grape trellis you can just train the top most shoot up to your cross arm and pinch it there to get the shoot to branch and make your two curtains.
  • PollinatorSelf pollinating.
  • CommentsPerpetual cropping muscadine. This muscadine is derived from material native to the Southeast US and is highly disease resistant and tolerant to hot humid Summers, making them far easier for the home gardener to grow than traditional table grapes. The fruit has a floral aroma and rich sweet fruity flavor that is unlike any grape. It colors to an iridescent pinkish-red starting in August but the flavor has not developed at this point. It is fully ripe in early September when the fruit is a deep dark red. The extended cropping allows the gardener fruit all the way untill the first frost. This variety does not need another variety for pollination.
  • Yield60-85 pounds at maturity (3-4 years). RazzMatazz does not produce its entire crop at one time. It is spread out over its season - from midsummer to frost.
  • Botanical NameVitis rotundifolia '05-22-3-27' U.S. Patent No. 9045767
  • DepthPlant so the roots are below the soil.


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