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Self Watering Plant Tower

Take the Guesswork out of Watering
  • Saves watering time
  • Ideal for flowering vines, like clematis
  • Also works for cucumbers, tomatoes and peas
  • 5 ft. tall; 16 liter of soil volume; 2 liter of water storage
  • Very easy to assembly
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Self Watering Plant Tower

A space and time saver for the patio or container garden! This unit is lightweight, easy to use and easy to move. Simply pour water into the hole at the side of the base. The water is stored in a reservoir until the plants use it. So no more wilted plants when you leave home for a day. It's great for smaller flowering vines, like clematis, but also ideal for growing peas, cucumbers, tomatoes and other vining vegetables. Available in a choice of dark slate gray or chartreuse. Very easy to assemble—no tools required. 5 ft. tall; 16 liter of soil volume; 2 liter of water storage.

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