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Wildflower Shade Mix

Colorful Flowers for Partial Shade
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Wildflower Shade Mix

Turns shady spots into glorious drifts of wildflowers. Includes a wealth of America's most loved meadow flowers: Columbine, Bellflower, Shasta Daisy, Chinese Houses, Coreopsis, Forget-Me-Nots, Larkspur, Sweet William, Purple Coneflower, Baby's Breath, Candytuft, Snapdragon, Monkey Flower, Baby Blue Eyes, Poppy and Johnny Jump-Up. 1/2 oz. covers 100sq. ft.
This plant attracts butterflies.
Product Details
  • FormAnnual and perennial.
  • LightStrong filtered sunlight, or 1 - 4 hours of direct sun a day.
  • HeightVaries from 10 - 40 inches.
  • SpreadVaries.
  • Spacing1 inch apart in rows 12 - 24 inches apart.
  • Zones5 - 8
  • FoliageVaries
  • Flower FormMix of annuals and perennials.
  • ColorVaries
  • BloomsVaries
  • Germination10 - 28 days.
  • Soil RequirementsWell-drained average garden soil.
  • Growth RateModerate growth rate.
  • Seed CountApproximately 300 seeds per packet, 1/2 oz. is appoximately 19,800 seeds.
  • PruningDead-head
  • Comments1/2 oz. covers up to 100 square feet. Includes: Columbine, Tussock Bellflower, Shasta Daisy, Clarkia, Chinese Houses, Lance Leaved Coreopsis, Chinese Forget-me-Not, Rocket Larkspur, Sweet William Pinks, Purple Coneflower, Annual Baby's Breath, Annual Candytuft, Spurred Snapdragon, Monkeyflower, Forget-me-Not, Baby Blue-Eyes, Corn Poppy, Johnny Jump-Up. Perfect colorful addition for semi shady areas of the yard.
  • Botanical NameVaries
  • SizeVaries
  • Depth1/4 - 1/2 inch.

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